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So, so you think you can tell… Heaven from hell… Blue skies from pain…
Can you tell a green field…from a cold steel rail?...A smile from a veil?
Do you think you can tell?
Did they get you to trade…your heroes for ghosts?...Hot ashes for trees?
Hot air for a cool breeze?...Cold comfort for change?
Did you exchange… walk on part in the war… For a lead role in a cage?
How I…
How I wish, how I wish you were here…
We're just two lost souls…Swimming in a fish bowl…Year after year
Running over the same old ground…And how we found
The same old fears…Wish you were here
Songwriters: David Gilmour / Roger Waters

We are too often bound by our self-imposed limitations deeply rooted in our past. I had an opportunity to break my 1-day self-supported bike touring limit recently. In 2016, while riding from San Francisco to Los Angeles, my longest distance day was a 64-mile run from Cambria to Santa Maria. In August 2018, with over 100 lb (bike+camping gear+food+water=100 lb), I rode from Cambria to Lompoc, a distance of 92.3 miles, ending my day passing through the steeply uphill  Harris Grade mountain road! As I approached my previous 64-mile ride limit, I had to constantly turn off my mind’s negative, chatter and fear-based logic by keeping my focus on the road, one mile at a time. (8/18)    

“I often feel like answering back, but then I think if I respond in words people might soon forget, but if I respond with my arrows, they will never forget!”
(from the movie documentary, “Ladies First”) (5/18)

The quality of our learning and brain work among other factors depends on;
Rest and reflection time
·        A sleep-deprived brain is incapable of higher learning, integration and creativity.
·        The quality of your education is directly related to how much time you allow for your brain’s processing! Keep your work and school load balanced to allow time for reflection and learning.
·        Drugs (recreational or others) have a potent and lasting impact on your developing brain. Don’t experiment with drugs. Your developing brain depends on its unmedicated, gradual and consistent and naturally reflective state  in order to build neural connections and wire itself into a creative biological circuit. Psychedelic drugs create unnatural and perceivably unrealistic connections that are likely to lead your brain and thinking into a mental disease state or a state of chaos at best. (4/18)

My students often ask me, “How can I do well in Chemistry?” Here is my simple and effective response:
Think through the process of learning concepts. Memorization does not serve you! Shortly after a classroom lecture, review the lecture contents which covers concepts through text, graphs, diagrams or handouts as well as example problems. Next, read (or skim over) the textbook and go over terms covered in bold font and chapter examples. You are now ready to start doing your homework. Be totally aware throughout your homework process! Cut all a distractions including text messages and phone calls! Homework is the most important place where you develop your brain connections between concepts, applications and problem solving. In your future professional job you get paid well when you solve problems well and you move up when you are adaptive and creative! Treat your homework experience as a job and an opportunity to show that you can do a good job. Your homework experience will offer the learning opportunity to do well in the upcoming tests and quizzes. You will need to identify any weakness areas and work on them way before upcoming tests. Of course you can do less and pass this course at a “C” or average learning level. Typically, considering the competition and the state of our physical and economic resources on planet earth; Average people get average jobs, if they get lucky, until they are replaced by computers, automation and better performing and people who worked hard and smart toward education.  Build your brain; Question everything and practice all the time!
All fun and pleasure may be important and yet useless.  (8/17)

This road that I am on has many hills to climb; and some are very difficult!
But I wonder why the temptations to quit consistently arrive at the most difficult hills?!
And why do I never plan my own quitting moment when I am on easy hills?!
(Thought came to me on a difficult and sluggish mountain biking day and route near my home, a route I routinely do but some days are much harder than others! If you have mountain biked you know what I am talking about! It is not fun to continuously bike uphill! But when you get to the top you will not remember the difficulties! The peace and calm on top together with the exhilaration of going downhill obliterates all memories of uphill difficulties!)  (3/17)

Am I taking care of myself?
Check list in the order of priority:
1.     Get good sleep! (A sleep deprived brain & body feels negative and depressed!). Give up your coffee and tea and you are likely to experience better health as you are likely to sleep deeper, wake up fresher and have more mental clarity and energy throughout your day. 
2.     Eat healthy! (Your health is your most important asset). Prepare and cook your own food. Maintain a balanced diet of mostly vegetables, whole grains and fruits.
3.     Exercise your body (Exercise clears your mind and body out of all sorts of toxicity and negativity!)
4.     Have gratitude! (Try to count your blessings even though there are too many to count!). In my solo bicycle camping trip from SF to LA (500 miles!), I tried to count and write down my daily blessings and I was quickly overwhelmed and decided to just mindfully receive them!
5.     Embrace learning (It is the most important and valuable lifelong asset you will gather for yourself that no one can take that away from you!
6.     Learn to relax and meditate! (It is the best way to know myself and let my intuition and creativity flow naturally!). Take nature hikes. Do something good for yourself! Reflect upon your life!
7.     Seek quality relationships! (It can lift your spirit or certainly pull you down!).
8.     Be productivity and help others! (There is no better way to experience life!)
9.     Search for meaning in action! (Learn from your mistakes. Don’t make the same mistake twice. Be patient. Listen more, talk less. Read good books. Observe deeply. Take deep breaths and be aware of your state of mind and body. Be humble.) (2/17)

... If you are like most people, achieving success through learning, school and beyond is neither easy nor natural! The driving force behind achieving success is surprisingly simple, humble and unglorified! It is simply a hard push to kick start yourself on the right path. If you just do it, despite all the negativity you and others will be (and have been) feeding into you, soon you will notice the following about yourself as you persevere forward:

1.     Wow! I am actually doing this! I had no idea I could do this! Where is my strength coming from? (Your mind is surprised!)

2.     The path appears too long and the destination out of sight! Don’t let your mind sink into its immediate gratification! Put on your headphones; hear, listen and watch positive and empowering stuff and don’t forget to associate with like-minded people as you keep on pushing! Keep your mind busy by focusing on the scenery along the way. Catch and enjoy the smaller details on the path! Sooner than you expect, you are a short visible distance away from the first peak you have been waiting for. Your super mind now believes in itself and carries this tired body around like a feather in wind!

3.     Rest, nourish your body and get ready for the next journey! 

Looking back, all you had to do was to ACTUALLY GET ON THE PATH! Your mind’s useless focus on that peak, which looked impossible from your low perspective, had been stopping you from getting on the path even though, you always had the option to return! Somehow you kept on going forward despite having no guarantees, no one to support you; only a weak and distrusting mind, body, background and family behind you! It was simply you facing your true moment to take action!

If you start acting (like a movie actor who plays their role as decided by their script) the path itself will strengthen your mind and body in every necessary way to push you forward! The path I am describing here is the path of RIGHT ACTION. Taking the path of right action serves the evolution of your humanity, offsprings and collectively the world. (1/17)