­Introductory Chemistry (Introduction to General Chemistry)

·        In order to do well in this course:

·        Study concepts and examples presented in lectures!

·        Do all the homework assigned in a diligent manner!

·        Be on time to all lecture and lab sessions!


·        Show up to my office hours if you need help!  


Homework and Supplemental Activities
Problem solving (Chapters 1& 2) -
A very important skill to master in this course!

NOTE: Extra homework should be included in your homework notebook.

NOTE: In order to have the latest edition, please print these handouts as announced in class. Instructor may be in the process of editing some of these handouts!

1.      Chapter 1 (Science Skills) Add/Subtract Rules– Problem set with Key (1st textbook homework scanned from textbook). Check out the Resources link (above) if you are having difficulty with SF.

2.      Sig. Fig. (SF) extra homework: Sig. Fig/Uncertainty problems & Check your answers: KEY

3.      Unit conversions, metric prefixes and unit abbreviations (to be memorized) and learning about "dimensional analysis"

4.      Dimensional Analysis Problem set 1 (Answer Key) and Problem set 2 (Extra Homework)

5.      Math Drill problems and Key (shows work)

6.      Important Periodic Table elements (memorize these symbols and names)

7.      A standard neat looking Periodic Table of Elements

8.      Electron orbitals shown on the Periodic Table

9.      Extra ionic bonding homework problems and key

10.  Nomenclature, list of simple ions to memorize!

11.  Nomenclature, list of polyatomic ions and acids to memorize!

12.  Extra Reactions homework (Combination & Decomposition, Predict products), Key

13.  Types of Reactions, Unstable compounds, Solubility Rules and Activity Series (memorize Reactions Types and Tables 1 and 2)!

14.  Extra Reactions homework (Single and Double Replacement, Predict products), Key

15.  Extra Reactions homework (Net Ionic Equations, Predict Products), Key

16.  Extra (mixed skills) homework problems (Formula calculations)

17.  Extra Stoichiometry Problems

18.  Specific Heat/Latent Heat values/definitions. Key for extra homework problems.

19.  Molecular Geometries Table